Brewed & Canned Onsite

A Good Start

This Hazy IPA is the punch line to one of my favorite jokes and also speaks to some new experimental hopping methods to bring through the citrus, peach and lime notes. It’s light on the palate and super refreshing – Limited Cans, but growlers and draft are ready! NEIPA – 6.8% (Draft Only)

This is Krystal, On a Recorded Line…

Soo… On my way to the brewery I was tricked into answering a telemarketing call…  I thanked her for helping me name our newest and best selling beer!  Early hop additions in the boil capture the true West Coast Style and early bitterness of this phone call!  Dry hopped with a tropical blend that shouts Mango, Pineapple, Citrus and Pine.  West Coast IPA 6.9%. (Cans Only)

Heavenly Monk

This is what happens when a Belgian over stays his trip to Kentucky… He carries notes of ‘Heaven Hill’ Bourbon everywhere he turns… The creamy head and the full body of this sipper make it perfect for relaxing ! Barrel Aged Belgian Tripel – 8.4% (Draft & Cans)

Mayer Light

The beer that started it all! Created to get my dad to stop drinking macro lite beers, this beer boasts a golden hue with bready malt character and a crisp lager finish. Great starter if you’re new to craft beer or just need something light and refreshing. Blonde Ale – 5.1% (Draft & Cans)

Peachin Street

A Beer Tribute to Roxborough Neighborhood. This sour was blended with 110lbs of Untamed Peaches and a Twisted of Fresh Ginger to create a most refreshing summertime treat! Keep it cold and rouse the cans before pouring to wake up any peach that may have settled.  Fruited Kettle Sour – 6.6% (Cans)

Six Feet Bro

Last Run of the ‘Stay At Home Series’ – Landing between New England and West Coast Style IPA’s this hazy and crisp beer offers notes of stone fruit particularly apricot and mango and a hint of bitterness for the perfect Midwest IPA – 7.5%. (Cans & Draft)

On the Corner of Cotton & Fleming

Was it made on Fleming or Cotton?? Who cares! The first IPA brewed on site is back and super fresh. Tropical and soft on the palate with zero bitterness – Enough Said! NEIPA – 8% (Draft Only)

Upper Manayunk Shakedown

Noone likes a Shakedown… Unless of course it’s Creamy and Delicious! We made this a close session IPA with a very tropical nose, plenty of lactose and real vanilla beans to bring the Milkshake front and center! Milkshake IPA – 6% (Cans & Draft)

The Farmhouse

One of the first beers produced on Fleming Street and it’s now in Cans!  This ‘Farmhouse’ style Saison is super crushable with notes of fruity banana and light citrus.  Saison – 5.6% (Cans & Draft)

Easy as 1-2-3

This beer is a tribute to everyone that dares to climb the stairs up to our fine establishment from Main Street! It’s a combined 123 stairs and this delicious session IPA is waiting for you! It’s a balance of lemon citrus and resiny pine with a hint of lifesavers (yup). Session IPA – 4.5% (Cans Now – Draft Soon)


  • Raspberry Coconut Milkshake IPA
  • English Mild
  • Wineberry Rubarb Saison
  • #HoptOutside
  • Pumpkin Saison

Nice Shillelagh

The Irish name for a walking stick or what my Grandma would threaten to beat me with if I didn’t behave! It’s light, dry and speaks to those who love chocolate and roasted malt flavor without feeling full.  Dry Irish Stout – 5.7% (Cans & Draft)

Everything Else

Wayvine Wines

Barbera Rose and Unoaked Chardonnay

No Alcohol Bevs

La Croix Sparkling Waters