Brewed Onsite

Jovial Monk

Cheeks are ’Red’ and smiles are ’Wide’ just two sips into this Belgian. ’Trippel’ is the style as ’Speedy’ you will ‘Smile’. Wonderful notes of dried fruit, banana, honey and belgian candy. Belgian Trippel – 9%

Six Feet Bro

Part of the ‘Stay At Home Series’ – Landing between New England and West Coast Style IPA’s this hazy and crisp beer offers notes of stone fruit particularly apricot and mango and hint of bitterness for the perfect Midwest IPA – 7.2%. (Cans & Draft)

Such a ‘Mild’ Winter

For 75 degree days in March! A light bodied ‘Malt Forward’ experience using (3) specialty malts to bring this session beer to your ‘non’ hoppy senses. Notes of caramel, burnt sugar and dried fruit – Pairs well with Bavarian Pretzels! Dark Mild – 4.7%

Distant Monk

A refreshing golden ale with notes of banana off the nose and pleasant noble hop character that balances the Belgian yeast. Conditioned for 6 weeks to become the perfect Spring is Here Beer! Belgian Pale Ale – 6.1%

Elbow Hello

(Cans Only)

Part of the ‘Stay At Home Series’ – It’s the ‘New’ handshake, so let’s celebrate it with a tall order of oats and a New Zealand Hop Blend that shouts passion fruit, citrus lime and blueberries! New England Style IPA – 7.4%

Nice Shillelagh

The Irish name for a walking stick or what my Grandma would threaten to beat me with if I didn’t behave! It’s light, dry and speaks to those who love chocolate and roasted malt flavor without feeling full. Dry Irish Stout – 5.5%

Mayer Light

(Cans + Draft)

The beer that started it all! Created to get my dad to stop drinking macro lite beers, this beer boasts a golden hue with bready malt character and a crisp lager finish. Great starter if you’re new to craft beer or just need something light and refreshing. Blonde Ale – 5.1%

Buzzed Boredom 2.0

Part of the ‘Stay At Home Series’ – A Citrus Forward Hazy shouting Mandarin Orange and Grapefruit with a crisp finish. It’s about staying safe and enjoying the moment. Hazy IPA – 5.5%


Elbow Goodbye – Hazy NEIPA Session

Rasberry Milkshake IPA & BlackBerry Sour

Farmhouse Ale with Lemon Zest

Everything Else

Evil Genius Spiked Seltzer

Black Cherry, Lemon Lime, and Grapefruit flavor

Wayvine Wines

Barbera Rose and Unoaked Chardonnay


Coke, Sprite and Diet Coke

Jack’s Hard Cider

Original, Rose, Dry-hopped, and Pear