Brewed & Canned Onsite

Elbow Whatever

Part of the ‘Stay At Home Series’ – Hopefully the Last! This beer celebrates staying positive while getting the through this social distancing together. This beer is a session version of ‘Elbow Hello’ with lighter body still shouting passion fruit, citrus lime and blueberries! Hazy Session IPA – 4.9% (Draught Only)

On the Corner of Fleming & Cotton

Was it made on Fleming or Cotton?? Who cares! The first IPA brewed on site is back and super fresh. Tropical and soft on the palate with zero bitterness – Enough Said! NEIPA – 8%. (Cans Only – Yeah Buddy)

Sour Child

‘Hey Mark! You ever gonna make a SOUR???’ Here it is and it’s named after my Ginger Daughter who came home with purple hair. A Kettle Sour blended with a Fresh Ginger Root Tea to balance the tart fruity nose from almost 100lbs of blackberries. Fruit Sour – 5.9% (Draught Only)

Mayer Light

The beer that started it all! Created to get my dad to stop drinking macro lite beers, this beer boasts a golden hue with bready malt character and a crisp lager finish. Great starter if you’re new to craft beer or just need something light and refreshing. Blonde Ale – 5.1% (Cans & Draught)


The REI Beer is Back! This fall IPA features a beautiful red hue from Belgian specialty malts. Notes of raison and date sweetness pairs perfectly with the stone fruit hop character! This is very limited in cans and draft – don’t miss this one! While they last. IPA – 5% (Cans & Draught)

May the Schwartz be with You 2.0

The lightest dark beer you’ll ever have!! A black lager flavored with German bittering hops and wonderful dehusked roasted malts to carry the chocolate and coffee flavors without any bite. That’s what I’m havin! Schwartz Bier – 5.3% (Draught Only)

Gingers Love Pumpkins

This could be my new ‘Fall Favorite’! True pumpkin pie flavor with subtle notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and dried ginger root built into a light bodied Belgian Saison! Very limited in cans and draft – don’t miss it! Pumpkin Farmhouse Ale – 7.2% (Cans & Draught)

On the Corner of Dexter & Cotton

Sometimes deliveries cause, well, a dilmna with a brew schedule when you make a sought after beer and FedEx deliveries one of the key ingredients 4 days late – Ugghhh. This beer was just that – had to pitch a different yeast and decided to experiment with some fun NZ hops to create a dank hazy with a strong citrus grapefruit pith backbone. It’s a block away from the first IPA brewed here and will hold us over! NEIPA – 6.8%. (Draught Only)



  • Six Feet Bro
  • Export India Porter
  • Buzzed Boredom
  • Sneaky Elf
  • Hard Seltzer Experimentals

Everything Else

Evil Genius Spiked Seltzer

Black Cherry, Lemon Lime, and Grapefruit flavor

Wayvine Wines

Barbera Rose and Unoaked Chardonnay


Coke, Sprite and Diet Coke