Brewed & Canned Onsite

The Farmhouse

One of the first beers produced on Fleming Street and it’s now in Cans! This ‘Farmhouse’ style Saison is super crushable with notes of fruity banana and light citrus. Saison – 7.2% (Cans & Draft)

Nice Helmet

Soo… This beer goes out to everyone who cut their own hair during quarantine.  Mine was such a mess I just shaved it – Amen!  Notes of Lemon, Lime and Resinous Pine shine through this cloudy creation – Enjoy! Hazy Midwest Style IPA – 7.5% (Cans & Draft)

Wicked Wolf

Giving sentiment toward PA’s leader, this Hoppy Black Ale brings resinous pine character from Chinook hops combined with English yeast character that brings out mild caramel and dark roasted malt flavor. The slight residual sweetness provides the perfect balance to make this fall ale really easy to enjoy around the fire pit or in front of the flat screen! Limited Can Release – Hoppy Black Ale 6.8%! (Cans Only)

Mayer Light

The beer that started it all! Created to get my dad to stop drinking macro lite beers, this beer boasts a golden hue with bready malt character and a crisp lager finish. Great starter if you’re new to craft beer or just need something light and refreshing. Blonde Ale – 5.1% (Draft Now – Cans 1/18)

Little British Monster

This British Dark Ale starts out silky smooth and soft on the palate showing off the Maris Otter and roasted caramel malts.  Then the little hoppy monster emerges to balance this beautiful creation with lingering notes of both oak, black currant and earthy hop character! Export Porter – 6.5%. (Cans Only)

Sneaky Elf

Cheers to the Mischievous – This small batch English Ale balances (7) Christmas Spices with the potential to create your own mischief while enduring the holidays.  And Seriously, Please Enjoy Responsibly!  Winter Spiced Ale 8.1%. (Cans & Draft)

Six Feet Bro

Part of the ‘Stay At Home Series’ – Landing between New England and West Coast Style IPA’s this hazy and crisp beer offers notes of stone fruit particularly apricot and mango and hint of bitterness for the perfect Midwest IPA – 7.5%. (Cans Only)


  • On The Corner (you know…)
  • Buzzed Boredom 4.0
  • Imperial Peanut Stout
  • Heavenly Monk
  • Golden Karma

On the Corner of Fleming & Cotton

Was it made on Fleming or Cotton?? Who cares! The first IPA brewed on site is back and super fresh. Tropical and soft on the palate with zero bitterness – Enough Said! NEIPA – 8%. (Draft Now – Cans 1/18)

Everything Else

Wayvine Wines

Barbera Rose and Unoaked Chardonnay


Coke, Sprite and Diet Coke